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Yearly Archives: 2010

Micheal & Melanie /|\ Wedding

After the engagement shoot, I didn’t have a doubt in my mind that we were going to have a blast during the wedding. Right from the bat, these two were making me laugh. If cracking jokes were a way of staying calm before the ceremony, these two sure had the technique down! Is there a […]

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Josh & Brittany /|\ Engagement

I have to admit, when Brittany suggested we shoot in an old graveyard that’s here in town, I could see the artist part of the shoot, but I couldnt see the wedding side of it. The challenge was on. Little did I know how big of a treat I was in for… As we walked […]

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Chris & Melissa /|\ Wedding

If you ever thought that true fairy tale weddings couldn’t happen in the neighborhood across the street, you better think again. This entire wedding was a true example of what can happen when family and friends all come together and pitch in what they can. Of all the ceremonies I get to experience, this has […]

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Summer Camp Music Festival /|\ Musicians

Sometimes you will never know when a door is about to open. Opportunities come fast, they come unexpected and most of all, they demand immediate action.A few pictures I took of one of my favorite artists, (Zach Deputy), led me a paid path all the way to Illinois to shoot dozens of musicians. Dreams do […]

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Micheal & Melanie /|\ Engagement

Possibly the most fun I’ve had with a couple in awhile! I had no idea I was going to get such hilarious comic reactions from these two. I swear these two can give ‘Everyone loves Raymond’ a run for their money! Who doesn’t love Peaks View Park? Hands down, the best park in the city. […]

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City View /|\ Commercial

Step aside and let class roll through. City view takes aim to be one of the chillest places to go in Lynchburg. Tackling the highest floor in the highest building is only the beginning for the treats this place is about to drop. Come out and watch out. Jaws are dropping. Food is cuisine on […]

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Lotus /|\ Musicians

In and out of time, we all have musicians and bands that fall from our likings and while others take their place and grow to be our favorites. It’s part of music to be driven to a tune or sound that you find helps define a little about yourself.  It lets you have a sense […]

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Farmers Market /|\ Commercial

The best place to be on an early Saturday morning if you’re anywhere near downtown Lynchburg. the ripest organic foods and vegetables, the most colorful blooms and sprouts, and a huge variety of stores on the inside. Before you take a trip to the grocery store, stop by the farmers market and take care of […]

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