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Zach Deputy /|\ Musicians

If you haven’t heard of the sensational Zach Deputy, you are missing out on one fantastic spectacle of talent. Love fills the air as he plays his dozen plus instruments and loops them along with his most amazing one, his voice. Before you look at these pictures, listen to a few tracks on his website and you’ll be able to really see the love that radiates around him as he plays.

Zach just simply kills it live. I really could try my best to express how amazing he is, but it would only make me sound a little crazy… but really, you’re just gonna have to trust me. Put it this way, last summer, I even clipped one of his songs for my main ringtone. Everytime someone would call, I not only got to do a little jam before I answer, but smile big from my live Deputy memories over the past few summers.  Trust

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